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We specialize in creating world class innovative software products and web applications designed to make online and offline marketing easier and faster for individuals and enterprises around the world. We strive to provide excellent WordPress compatible themes and SaaS-based systems that can easily be installed and customized.



Generate leads like never before…


Leadsensationz is a revolutionary product that helps you generate leads in any location of the world at the push of a button. It helps you find business owners and clients that need help with their simple problems that you can convert into a paycheck for just a few hours of your time.


And with just another push of button, Leadsensationz lets you create your own Email campaign to reach out to these clients and turn them into paying customers.


With Leadsensationz, you are just a few clicks away from becoming a marketing sensation yourself.


Price  – $67


Create awesome food ordering and reservation restaurant systems! 


Food ordering and online reservations are the go-to for customers because of the ease and flexibility they offer. But, most restaurants have some common and impending problems, like, no mobile-friendly websites, no online reservation or food ordering systems.


This is where you can step in and solve all of their problems with the help of Restobiz, without the need for any site building knowledge or experience. Awesome, right ?


Restobiz makes this possible with completely done-for-you solutions to help you create online ordering systems, Facebook ordering systems, Coupon code systems, Online table reservations and more. You can become a hero for these restaurant owners and also tap into this massive and ever growing industry with ease.


Price – $497

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Get VIRAL with MicroBuzz blogs and generate traffic, leads and affiliate income!


The Internet is used constantly by people looking for new and viral content to share with friends, families and peers. I am sure you have done it too. But, what if you get paid for doing something similar?


Retainio helps you do exactly that. Retainio uses MicroBuzz sites, which are a group of web pages that focus on specific topics and niches that have interactive elements to make them go viral, to generate leads and monetize them using affiliate offers and Ads. The best part is, Retainio doesn’t need you to put in as much hard work as one would usually need to create and start using these sites.


All it needs is 3 simple steps: First, you choose a name for your MicroBuzz site, next you click and add Done-For-You interactive elements like polls, videos, lists, convos, galleries and more in your posts, and then all you need to do is publish this site and watch Retainio work its magic


Price – $97


Build appointment booking systems for business owners and grow their bookings overnight!


Almost 97% of businesses do not have an online appointment booking system. The other methods being used, like making a call to fix an appointment or filling a contact form are a thing of the past. These traditional methods repel customers for a number of reasons, like, they can’t make the call or do not have the time to fill out contact forms.


Well, Appointify helps you help these business owners grow their business and bookings by creating awesome and easy-to-use booking systems on their websites, and potentially double their bookings overnight.


Appointify brings ease to this process, and reduces your hard work as it is a 100% Done-For-You software, and you don’t need any technical or coding skills to build these websites. Appontify also sends Email and SMS reminders to the customers who have made bookings, so they never miss an appointment.


Price – $97

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